Principal’s Welcome

“The future is not someplace we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are made, not found, and the making of them changes both the destination and the maker”

Phillip Adams

At Moorooduc Primary School we see that our core purpose is to create a caring, engaging, and inspiring environment where all students learn and fulfil their potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically, so as to become responsible lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.

Our learning community works together to create an environment that challenges and supports our students to thrive and contribute to our world.
Moorooduc Primary School’s vision is to become a high functioning Professional Learning Community. The essential characteristics of the school we are trying to create describe the principles and expectations that guide the school and become a reference point for decisions and actions. 

The school values as essential, the following:
•           A safe and supportive school environment
•           Effective teaching across every classroom
•           A guaranteed and viable curriculum       
•           Shared mission, vision, values, and goals
•           A collaborative culture with a focus on learning
•           Collective inquiry into research based best practice and current reality
•           Action orientation: learning by doing
•           A commitment to continuous improvement
•           Results orientation

Moorooduc Primary School values respect, effort, collaboration and honesty. These values underpin all that we do.

Our school provides an attractive, safe and stimulating environment in a semi-rural setting for approximately 275 students from both within and outside of our enrollment boundary. Many parents choose to bring their children to Moorooduc Primary School as they like the small and more intimate feel the school engenders.

Teaching and learning at Moorooduc Primary school is evidence based. The school has placed significant focus and resources into the concept of implementing a Professional Learning Community and maintains a laser like focus on the three big ideas: a focus on learning, a focus on collaboration and a focus on student results.

Our school has 17 equivalent full-time staff. Two principal staff, 15 teaching staff and 13 educational support staff. Our staff work together in collaborative teams focused on learning, they have a constant commitment to continuous improvement.

Above all else we want our students to feel happy and supported throughout the learning process and to this end the school works hard to deliver social and emotional learning programs using the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships initiative, which supports schools to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours and teaches students how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

The whole school approach to Respectful Relationships helps to embed a culture of respect and gender equality across the entire school community. Respectful Relationships education is a key resource for the delivery of the Victorian Curriculum and aims to build students’ social, emotional and positive relationship skills.

Our school continues to offer before and after-school care in partnership with Camp Australia.

Moorooduc Primary sets high expectations for all students and works hard to maintain culture of continuous improvement. Working together as a highly effective learning community will continue to ensure that our students become the best they can be on all levels.


I look forward to working alongside you in the future.

Peter Quigley


Moorooduc Primary School