Teaching & Learning

Moorooduc Primary’s teaching and learning philosophy is based on developing a Professional Learning Community. This philosophy is based on the work of the DuFours.

In essence a PLC has a focus on learning, a focus on results and is built around a collaborative culture.

Staff work in professional learning teams to assess student progress and plan learning tasks matched to each child’s ability. Learning tasks are made explicit through the use of “I can” statements so that students know what they are currently learning to do and what they need to learn next.


Moorooduc’s Literacy Program develops skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Our Early Years Program promotes the development of literacy skills through the provision of a daily “Literacy Block.” This learning time allows all children in Prep to Year 4 to practise and consolidate their learning. Our Middle Years Literacy Program in Year 5 and Year 6 develops and extends children’s literacy skills using more complex texts.

Teachers plan in teams for the Literacy Program

Parent involvement involvement in the class program is welcomed and encouraged throughout the school.

During the year, visits to community libraries, and from guest speakers, story tellers and authors enhance student’s literacy experiences.


Moorooduc has a comprehensive Numeracy program that is suported by hands on learning tasks and ICT programs such as Mathletics and Maths 300.

On going assessment using ondemand testing and the Mathematics interview are an integral part of the program.

As with other areas of the curriculum teachers plan in professional learning teams to develop programs tailored to individual needs.


Information and Communications Technology is an important component of the classroom program at Moorooduc. An interdiscipinary approach is taken. ICT is supported by software programs readily accessible through the classroom laptops, as well as by the school’s intranet. There are also timetabled sessions in the Computer Resource Centre.

Our current infrastructure includes: 3D printing, iPads, digital cameras, Robots, colour printer/photocopiers, Touchscreen Notebooks, the latest educational software and interactive whiteboards.

Students use Google Classroom to create files, projects, and share and present them to teachers and their peers.


Moorooduc has been using the Inquiry model of teaching for a number of years. Students pose questions, research responses and present their findings to an audience. Presentations have included student run markets, travel expos, health retreat nights and puppet shows.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Moorooduc Primary School is an enjoyable part of our curriculum. Children develop the ability to apply a range of skills and processes to create art work depending on their stage of development. Students use a variety of art forms usually related to the integrated topics being covered in other parts of the school curriculum.

Throughout the Visual Arts program, students cover the areas of Line, (painting and Drawing), Textiles, and Construction. Within each unit students are encouraged to learn new skills and build on previously attained skills to create drawings, paintings, models, modroc masks, mosaics, jewelry, prints, photographs, woven pieces, sculptures and clay figures.

Children work individually and in groups to complete set tasks. They are encouraged to design and plan their art work thoroughly and to take care and pride in their work. Our children have the opportunity for their work to be displayed at school and throughout the wider community, as part of the Rotary Art Show at Benton’s Square and in the annual Superpages directory.


Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts program includes music, dance, drama and the biannual Whole School Production. Classes have a strong focus on inclusive participation and the incorporation of our ‘You Can Do It’ strategies. Students develop skills in, and understanding of, the musical elements of beat, pitch, dynamics and tempo through listening, singing, playing and using their bodies to move to a variety of music. They use a variety of musical instruments to create their own pieces of music and develop their understanding of graphic notation. Our dance component includes the study of different dance genres and learnt movement material. Students enjoy the opportunity to perform their dances at the end of term for the school community.

Our Performing Arts program also incorporates our Instrumental Music Program. Our Instrumental Program consists of a piano and a guitar teacher. This is an optional program for parents where children are able to receive private lessons at school.


Our school Science program runs as a two year sequence based on the Australian Curriculum, incorporating the three strands; Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry Skills. We encourage students to ask questions, develop their own investigations and work with their peers to enhance their knowledge of Science and the world around them. We have three resident blue-tongue lizards living in our Science room that students enjoy holding or observing in their enclosure.

Each year we hold a whole school event to celebrate our learning with families. Our school Science Night encourages families to come together to explore and experiment in a range of exciting activities. Our Moorooduc Grand Prix has families designing a wheeled vehicle to race down a ramp with a focus on distance rolled.

During term 1 we learn about topics in the natural world around us, including the life cycles of plants and animals and their habitats.
Activities include: growing plants in different conditions, hatching chicks, watching the metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies and researching various animal habitats.

This is our favourite topic across the school!
During term 2 we explore what objects are made of, natural and processed materials, investigate reversible and irreversible changes, states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and food chemistry.
Activities include: melting substances, observing the behaviour of gases such as carbon dioxide, making popcorn, ice cream and butter.

In term 3 we get hands on, investigating forces and movement, simple machines, energy and electricity, heat, light and sound.
Activities include: creating simple machines from Lego or classroom materials, making Rube Goldberg machines, investigating friction, using electrical kits to make circuits, small electric machines and exploring solar power.

In the final term we look at Earth, water, geology and natural disasters, then focus on what is out beyond Earth – the moon, sun and the Solar System.
Activities include: studying rocks, simulating landslides, investigating natural disasters of interest including earthquakes, tsunamis, floods. Investigating the water cycle, researching other planets, the movement of Earth, moon and sun and the effect this has on Earth’s seasons, weather, day and night etc.

Physical Education

Students at Moorooduc PS are involved in one P.E. session each week for an hour. Children in grades 3-6 have an additional 60 minute Sport session per week. Prep children are involved in a 30 minute Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) and a 30 minute P.E. session as part of their program.

Students from Grades Prep-4 have the opportunity to be involved in a swimming program at YMCA (Somerville), while our 5-6 students are involved in a 3 day intensive open water beach program during 4th term. Children in grade Prep-4 also have the opportunity to participate in a one day beach program throughout term 4.

Students in grade 5-6 participate in an Alternative Sports program throughout term 4 where they participate in sports and activities such as: lawn bowls, karate, table tennis, open water swimming, bush walking, bike riding, fishing and dance.

Our Phys. Ed. Program is based around fundamental motor skill development, game sense, fitness, fair/safe play, healthy choices and ‘having a go’. Throughout the program students are encouraged to develop the 5 You Can Do It keys of Confidence, Resilience, Organisation, Persistence and Getting Along.

Moorooduc PS covers a wide range of areas biannually throughout the program including tennis, AFL, netball, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, dance, bike education, hockey, volleyball, athletics, rounders, softball, teeball, rugby and cricket.

Moorooduc PS is part of the Crib Point Sports Association, as part of School Sport Victoria. Children can represent the school in athletics, cross country, swimming, tennis, equestrian, winter sport and summer sport at District, Divisional, Regional, State and National levels. In recent times, several of our students have competed at State level in Athletics, Rugby and Cross Country.

Students also have the opportunity to be involved in outside of school activities including: Auskick, Weetbix Triathlon and the Moorooduc Open Golf Challenge.

Resilience, Rights & Respectful Relationships

This program developed by the University of Melbourne and endorsed and recommended by the Department of Education and Training is comprised of eight topics: Emotional Literacy, Personal Strengths, Positive Coping, Problem Solving, Stress Management, Help Seeking, Gender and Identity and Positive Gender Relationships. Over the course of the year students are engaged in age appropriate lessons designed to help them become happy, respectful and resilient adults.